A strikingly modern style in our innovative metal and paper yarn rug adds a graphic backdrop for elegant living.

This rug keeps its shape and stays in place due to our exceptionally durable weave.  The backing is constructed from eco-friendly materials.

Available in two different metal yarns with bespoke edging:

71 Copper-White
Durable construction of  copper yarn and paper yarn.

79 Black-Steel
Tightly woven with stainless steel yarn and paper yarn

Additional Details:

Max. width: 12'-0                                                       Category: Flat woven                                  
Repeat: All over pattern                       
Fiber: Metal-Paper Yarn
Backing: Eco friendly non-skid



Standard Sizes:

2'8 x 5'0, 6'7, 8'0
4'5 x 6'7
5'3 x 7'6
6'7 x 8'0
8'0 x 10'0
9'0 x 12'0
10'0 x 12'0
12'0 x 14'0

Custom Sizes Available